WordBrain Varies with device

Identify and reveal with well considered swipes of the tiles

If you love word searches but want something a bit more challenging, WordBrain is just the app for you. This innovative update on the classic word search pits players against a layered grid, with concealed words underneath the player must identify and reveal with well considered swipes of the tiles.

Players must use the least moves possible in order to score the best points and unlock the most advanced levels, while handy hints can help those stuck in a rut and unsure of what to do next. This progressive puzzler from developers, MAG Interactive makes a welcome addition to any app collection on any phone or tablet.

This stylish app combines slick graphics and smooth animations, with dynamic sound effects and engrossing music to create the perfect gaming environment. WordBrain keeps you entertained as you play through an increasingly complex set of grids, ranging from small 2x2 grids, to 10x10 grids and more.

Great for players looking to take on increasingly more difficult challenges, WordBrain is packed with new levels to unlock. Only the most successful players will make it through to the end. This game uses a three tier reward system, with fewer moves and faster level times granting players a full three stars, ensuring they'll unlock the next level and the best rewards.

This game offers play in 15 different languages, with almost 600 individual levels per language, meaning there's plenty to master even for the most savvy word searcher. Rated PEGI 3, this game is family friendly and contains content even little ones can get to grips with. Adjust the difficulty settings for a game that you can master, and make use of handy hints to help you out of a tight spot. With touchscreen friendly controls, it's just a case of subtle swipes and taps to master the grids and progress the next level.

This colourful app is packed with quirky critters and characters that'll help you master grids with helpful advice. Each grid is named after another member of the animal kingdom to take the wild theme even further. However difficult a level looks, don't despair. There's always a way through with this game, and patience pays off.



WordBrain Varies with device

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